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Our skilled workforce at Mew Technology is dedicated to precision, offering tailored solutions for industrial automation, automated test equipments & high-speed data acquisition.

Mew Technology excels in tackling the most challenging system requirements across various sectors.seamlessly handle technically demanding projects with precision and expertise.

From aerospace & defense to automotive, space, RF, and research, Mew Technology delivers end-to-end solutions with over two decades of expertise.

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Mew Technology is a leading provider of custom automated testing equipment and system integration solutions for aerospace, semiconductor, automotive industries.Our skilled engineers are experts in creating custom designs and cutting-edge test equipment. We provide precise delivery, seamless installation, and ongoing support, ensuring that all your industrial automation needs are met. Whether it's high-speed data acquisition or factory and warehouse automation, we have you covered. Elevate your projects with Mew Technology's proven track record in handling complex system requirements across various sectors. Choose us for reliable and efficient solutions that will optimize your operations and drive growth. With our expertise and dedication to innovation, we are committed to delivering the best automation solutions for your business.


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Mew Technology delivered cutting-edge solutions, transforming our operations. Their expertise and innovation exceeded our expectations. Highly recommended!
Sachin Ayachit

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